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No two people have the same body and, as a result, no two people will have the same journey to their dream body. The first week is completely free so you can see first hand how real your results can be. After that, pricing is determined based on a number of factors. Region, medical history, and availability are all important. What's more important is that you have the chance to make your dreams real! With that in mind we're prepared to make a custom price for every client's budget so that no one is held back by something they can't control. To put a number to that, most of our clients pay well under $100 monthly for daily interaction with their specialist. We understand that not having a price list makes some people uncomfortable. That's why the first week is always free with absolutely no contractual obligation of any kind. 


Despite the industry standards, we understand that times are hard and it would be terrible if your goals were cut short by a rigid sense of dogma. Rest assured that our private ownership and people oriented values will guarantee you special treatment as an individual.

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